Private investors need framework conditions that enable innovations in cell production. VDMA study expects 155,000 new jobs to be created to meet demand in Europe. Mechanical and plant engineering supplies the necessary production technologies.
The VDMA Roadmap Battery Production Equipment 2030 was completely updated, revised and supplemented by important aspects in 2018.
For the production of lithium-ion batteries, the Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components (PEM) of the RWTH Aachen in cooperation with the VDMA has published a new edition of its flyer, which present the process steps clearly and in detail. You will also receive a new brochure on the production of all solid state cells for the first time. We wish you exciting reading!
The European demand for battery cells alone will generate a total of 155,000 jobs. These jobs are created both in the factories and in the upstream value-added chains. One fifth of these jobs are in mechanical and plant engineering. However, the jobs and added value are not necessarily created in Europe itself. References and unique selling propositions are decisive for the success of suppliers in intra-European cell production and globally.
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