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The E-MOTIVE Board comprises decision-makers from the industry and pools expert knowledge from the different sectors relevant to electromobility, including the automotive industry, electrical engineering, mobile machines and suppliers.


In the Speed2E project, industry and scientific experts are working together to develop an innovative high-speed drive train for use in electric cars.

A sign of change – or how electromobility is changing the German industrial landscape

Trends and technologies in the development of electrical vehicle drives were in the spotlight at the ninth E-MOTIVE expert forum. VDMA has conducted a study called “Antrieb im Wandel” (“Drives are Changing”), the aim of which is to provide orientation for the mechanical engineering sector during the transformation process.

Call for Papers - 11th E-MOTIVE International Expert Forum, 4 – 5 September, 2019 in Schweinfurt, Germany

Shaping the future of electric mobility: Call for Papers - 11th E-MOTIVE International Expert Forum, 2019 in Schweinfurt, Germany

Changing drive systems – The future is electric

Record number of delegates at the 10th E-MOTIVE expert forum for electric vehicle drives

VDMA study: Transformation of mobility offers opportunities for more added value in mechanical and plant engineering

The most important finding of the study is: "For mechanical engineering, the mobility transformation process offers opportunities for additional value creation," explained VDMA President Carl Martin Welcker on the occasion of the publication of core results of the study.



The Moving Power of Engine and Turbomachinery Research (FVV)

Passion for research on engines and turbomachinery