The VDMA electromobility forum E-MOTIVE


Electromobility is no longer simply a vision of the future, but is a reality today. Electric drives can be found in a wide range of applications and have proven themselves in daily use. The VDMA electromobility forum, E-MOTIVE, addresses this diversity and the accompanying topics.

E-MOTIVE addresses central topics and issues relating to both technical and application-related aspects of electromobility in an interdisciplinary manner, while examining the full and varied range of applications on offer. The central topics in and around electromobility are:

  • Research
  • Infrastructure
  • Mobile machines
  • Production technology

The E-MOTIVE forum closely examines research activities surrounding the further development of electromobility. Key members of the forum’s network include the Research Association for Power Transmission Engineering (FVA), the Research Association for Combustion Engines (FVV) and the Mechanical Engineering Research Forum (FKM). The focal point of their work is pre-competitive cooperative industrial research (IGF). The principle behind IGF is to pool the industry’s common research interests and have them processed at top science and research institutes, without being subjected to any competitive pressures. Both companies and young engineers and technicians in Germany benefit from this.

Electromobility needs infrastructure. The E-MOTIVE forum therefore takes a close look at technologies which enable and promote the use of electromobility.
The main focus is on battery and charging technologies, with research and standardization projects being carried out within the scope of the E-MOTIVE activities.

Mobile machines
Electromobility is not just about cars. In particular, mobile machines are the best proof of electric drives working reliably on a day-to-day basis. Mobile machines demonstrate that electric motors have high power densities, are efficient and flexible, and also have the option of energy recovery. These benefits are joined by the elimination of exhaust and noise emissions, which is a vital factor in many application areas. The E-MOTIVE forum therefore supports the transfer of knowledge from mobile machines to other applications for electromobility.

Production technology
Electromobility can only be successful in its applications and on the market if the performance, cost and quality are not compromised. The technical components required and the respective production technologies are the decisive factors here. The VDMA electromobility forum E-MOTIVE therefore pools the expertise from the German mechanical and plant engineering sector in handling new materials and manufacturing techniques for electromobility.